Monday, August 17, 2009

Foursome, Anyone?

Last week, hubby and I met a couple in their early twenties. I wasn't physically attracted to the guy. He was about 5'9" tall and a little too scrawny for my taste. The girl on the other hand was very sweet, nice and attractive. The four of us had chemistry for sure. That's usually the biggest challenge with foursomes or a bigger group; the more people you throw in the mix, the more chances there will be of having people not getting along. We met husbands in the past who were just intimated by my hubby. We also had a very nice couple whom we got along with really well but I felt like the fly on the wall or the extra wheel. Kyle and Ashley were different in the sense that everybody was comfortable and laughing at everyone's attempt to make a joke. My hubby has a dry sense of humor and more often than not, he's misunderstood. Poor baby.

We met them yesterday for drinks at 3:30 in the afternoon at a sports bar by the water in Edmonds, Washington. We played three games of pool while I was trying to relax. After my second cranberry vodka, I was feeling pretty good. The truth was I was nervous as hell because it's been a while since the last time we played with another couple. I also had a very strong attraction to Ashley. She's my absolute type as far as the ladies go. She had the angelic, innocent face but you know she's naughty deep down. The lip ring and the tongue stud hardly affected her innocent look. She did not have any make-up on and yet she looked very beautiful. She's very soft spoken, an angelic voice to match the angelic face. It didn't hurt that she has huge natural breasts.

We drank some more beers when we got to their place and the conversation was quickly turning naughty. I was feeling very uncomfortable. I felt buzzed, dizzy, a bit sick, nervous and shy at the same time. I hated myself for a bit for feeling the way I did. It seemed like they were all ready and waiting for my lacey thong to come off. Just as I thought we were finally going to do it, Kyle's mom called and asked for a ride. I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say that hubby and I ended up waiting about an hour before we could resume our fun night. It sure helped me gather myself together though. When they got back, I was ready and pretty sober by now too.

Ashley is comfortable being bisexual. Me, not so much. I'm very picky when it comes to girls and I'm just not that experienced with the ladies. She took me to their room and the men eagerly followed. She took her halter top off and released the girls. Oh my! They were calling me. Slowly but surely, I warmed up especially when she started kissing me. Her mouth hardware were a bit strange for me but I was too distracted by the huge tits in my hands and her hands massaging my ass. The men were watching quietly with obvious lust growing within them.

I led Ashley to the bed and kept kissing her while she successfully took off the only piece of fabric left between us, my black and pink thong. Her hands quickly found my awaiting pussy. My kiss was slowly moving south. I kissed her neck then lightly touched her nipples with my tongue, teasing them with circular motion. I kept going down. I kissed her tummy, then the area around her belly piercing. I blew on her clit lightly just to give it a little tingle. As she raised her hips towards me, I kissed her on the tummy again, teasing her some more. Then when she least expected it, I licked her clit. First, I was licking it like it was ice cream then it became a hungry licking and sucking. She started to moan and I wasn't sure if I was too rough but she assured me it was all pleasure. She motioned for me to turn around so she can taste me too.

I was a little shy knowing our men are watching us. I felt very naughty having her all to myself and not sharing so I invited the men to join us and they eagerly accepted. There were hands and bodies everywhere and Kyle is hung like a horse. I couldn’t get myself to stay away from Ashley for very long though so after I made out with Kyle, I turned around and found myself on Ashley’s tits again. Kyle just took that as an opportunity for doing me doggy style. I was happily kissing and sucking Ashley’s nipples. Ashley’s mouth was also enjoying my breasts while playing with my clit. All the while, Kyle was fucking me from behind and hubby was pleasing Ashley orally. We were like that for a little bit until I came hard.

Kyle pulled me and wanted me to ride his cock. Beside him is Ashley who was kissing my husband. That position didn’t do much for me so I laid down beside Ashley. Just as I started playing with Ashley, Kyle pulled me towards the edge of the bed with my ass up in the air. He entered my pussy and it felt heavenly. He was holding my hips ever so gently while picking up speed with his pumping. Hubby went away for a water break and I took over his position in the pussy department. So I now had a huge cock in my pussy, clit on my mouth, nipples on my left hand and pussy around my right index and middle fingers. I enjoyed hearing Ashley moan with pleasure I was responsible for. I was moaning like crazy myself. The cock felt amazing but the sensation of touching and feeling the softness of a woman on top of that was euphoric.

Hubby came back in the room when Kyle and Ashley were taking a break in the living room. I sucked his cock for a little bit until it was ready for action again. When his cock was soaked with my pussy juice, we called in Ashley for reinforcement and there she was with her sweet voice and willing smile.

She was on all fours, hubby was pounding her from behind and I was underneath her licking and sucking her pussy and ocassionally licked and played with hubby’s balls too. The sight of hubby’s cock penetrating that pussy turned me on tremendously. Watching his cock go in and out of that pussy and slamming it harder and harder unleashed the sex animal in me.

The night ended with satisfied smiles plastered on our faces. Ashley and I are going toy shopping next week.


  1. Wow!! That sounded like an awesome night!! Sheez! I have my coworkers reading this as well. One of them said " she's a swinger? Her hubby too? WOW! I definitely would hook up? Where she's from"

    Haha! My coworkers are some freaks!!

    I have never had sex, foursome, threesome in my life!!! I'll feel shy if I had two guys look at stare at me. I did have one girl offer a threesome with her boyfriend. I haven't even replied yet. :)

    Great post!!!

  2. You haven't replied yet? Contemplating? *wink* I hope my posts aren't getting too freaky. Did you see my other two conquests? Lol.

  3. Thank you for giving me a giant erection at work...hahahaha!

  4. OMG! Reading it made me moist! *blushing*