Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swinger Newbies

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It's been a while since hubby and I had a swinger meet and greet date. Weirdly enough, I was very nervous. It was understood that it was only going to be an introduction and nothing more and yet, I can hear my heart beating loudly. Newbies have that effect on me. We had bad experiences with couples who are new to the lifestyle. They either are not sure what they want from it, hesitating and wasting our time or only one is really into it and the other one doesn't have much of a choice but to tag along.

The couple we met last night passed with flying colors and set a new standard for newbies in our book. She looked ten times better than her picture. I was actually attracted to her and her husband is not only a gentleman, he's trouble in the bedroom too, I can already tell. We started talking about random rated PG things and the more drinks came our way, the more naughty the conversation became.

After four glasses of martini, she became bolder. She told me how attracted she is to me and how much she loves sex. I would have never guessed this is their first time or that we're the first couple they have met. My husband was going on the same road she was on. Next thing you know, we're playing musical chairs. Her husband, as sweet as he is was clearly nervous. Unfortunately for us, neither one knows how to flirt while across the table, my husband and his wife we're going at it.

We tried to get comfortable through idle chitchat. I found out they thought kissing is too intimate for them and was supposed to only be for them. He didn't notice that his wife was already French kissing my husband. The poor thing, I can't imagine what must be going through his head at that moment. I was relieved to know that the no-kissing-rule was her idea and that she initiated the kiss with my husband. For the first time ever, I think I might have kissed a guy first. Our faces were only inches away from each other anyway so we can hear ourselves over the loud live music. I can tell he wanted to kiss me but hesitated. I went for it and it was great. We definitely have chemistry.

By now, our significant others are on the dance floor, mauling each other sexually. He still had disbelief on his face which was always relieved every time we kissed again. We joined them at the dance floor and kissed each other some more. He was grabbing my hair and caressing my body. I just wish I had more to drink and was not the designated driver because I was way too sober for what we were doing in public. I was too aware of the confused look our waitress gave us.

She wanted to sleep with us last night as indicated by my husband this morning. I know they needed to go home and talk about it first. I didn't want to rush them and didn't think she was able to think straight after all the drinks she had. We'll see where it goes. They're either enlightened or traumatized from last night. Hubby and I had a good time. Hubby is still smiling and I wish I was able to do more.

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Friday, February 5, 2010


The rising sun 
brought hope back to life 
First a flicker
now a burning light  
Only a seed
Unlike the others 
full potential is reached

A void no more 
where one used to live 
Joy is the new resident 
My being quickly populated

But one resides uninvited 
Of falling, of slipping 
Of being empty once again 


Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Hope She's Right

I waited for my name to be called at the Vital Statistics Office. My eyes are closed, I was deep in thought whether I parked at the right area, at the right time just to save a few dollars and risked getting towed, wishing I had just paid $10 and not worry about a thing. When I opened my eyes, I saw an old lady who looks to be in her seventies. Her brown and wrinkly skin paired with her tired eyes tells me that she has lived quite a hard life. She has a grocery plastic bag with at least four prescription medicine bottles inside. She looked determined. I closed my eyes again and tried to kick myself mentally about my parking decision.

The conversation in my head was disrupted by, "Excuse me, can you help me?" I looked up and was surprised to see the old lady. She had an accent but her English was very good. She proceeded to tell me that she needs to get a birth ceritificate for her godfather but she can't write. She gave me the information and her I.D. She was very grateful for my help and thanked me over and over.

Just before I left, I wished her luck because she didn't have all the information for the form. She got up from her chair and shook my hand firmly and gave me a hug. The kind of hug you would give to a relative or a close friend. She thanked me again and said that my good deed will come back to me. I hope she's right. I found my car still parked where I left it. Not a bad start.