Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunny Seattle

Those two words should never even be seen together. Contrary to what you see in movies or postcards, Seattle doesn't rain all that much but it's not sunny either. Most of the time, it's gloomy and grey. "Blah" is the word I describe it.

Today however, it's hands-down gorgeous! Summer is finally here. I wouldn't have believed it myself with the snow and hail we had in early
May. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to step out of the house without a thick jacket, a hood, a hat, gloves, umbrella and a scarf. I feel so light. :) I almost feel naked. On the naked subject, I actually run around with nothing but my thong on in the house. Yup! It's that warm right now. It got up to 89 degrees yesterday or was it more?!

I am loving this weather!!! Thank goodness I have gotten rid of my baby-fat. :)

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