Monday, June 8, 2009

The Art of People Watching

I had the pleasure of enjoying a whole day any way I wanted. My first thoughts were running errands. My muse suggested a “me” day. Who am I to argue with my muse? First stop, Coffee Shop. Next stop, Hair Salon. Then someone suggested Alki Café for lunch. I would normally shy away from Alki Beach because finding a parking space is close to impossible. But, it was me day and I was in no rush so I went and what do you know? I found parking right away. As I waited for my chicken and avocado with red pepper spread sandwich, with chowder on the side, I let a sigh of relief go while I admired the beach and sun’s reflection on the water. Before I knew it, the people watching began.

First victims, I mean, subject of interest. *smiles* Four mothers pushing baby carriages. They all looked like they’re hopeful to get back in shape. I assume they’re all housewives because it’s once o’clock on a Monday morning and they’re out on a walk at the beach unless of course they all had the day off. I wondered if they secretly disliked one another because one has a cuter baby or one lost weight faster or even because they all couldn’t agree which is better, breastfeeding or bottle feeding. One mom must make the three moms feel inadequate. You know the type, the know-it-all super mom.

Then there was the short but buffed guy with a dog and a tight T-shirt on. He’s clearly looking for girls. I can tell by the way he’s standing there, chest all out. I could almost see him beating on it Tarzan-like and yelling, “I am man, hear me roar!” Of course if that doesn’t catch the ladies’ attention, the puppy dog eyes must.

Next is an elderly couple holding hands. Aaaaaw! How sweet! I can say they just met from one of those online dating sites and both have been married multiple times and divorced but I’ll opt for the more romantic version. They’re soul mates and have lived a full happy life together. Their children are all grown and their grandchildren surround them every weekend during their family dinner. He has always taken care of her, loved her and cherished her just like he promised on their wedding day. She is ever grateful for being so lucky to have found such a man and loves him with every beat of her heart. They may appear old but their love keeps them young.

There’s also a mother of two toddlers, one of which was screaming and trying to escape from her embrace. The child’s ear-piercing squeal was to say the least, irritating but she didn’t loose her temper. It was as if she rejoiced in her child’s every squeal for it meant life. There’s a picture of a mother fulfilled and one who understands a miracle of life.

You also have the dad walking alongside of his son on his bike. This one screams part-time dad who’s single and ready to mingle. He probably thought this is a good choice of place to do his fatherly duties because he can check out the girls in their bikinis at the same time.

Then you have this guy who’s walking a few feet in front of his wife and daughter. He looks like he wants to run away very fast and escape this hole he’s gotten himself into. His wife has traces left of being a hottie before she had the unplanned pregnancy. She’s trying to keep her looks as if it’s the only thing that would make him stay but she’s losing hope fast because she knows it’ll only be a matter of time. His mind is already long gone, far, far away from her.

Oh, the untold stories you see from watching people closely. I wonder what they think of me sitting all alone in a café reading my book. I doubt they can tell how much fun I’ve had and plan to have today. I also wonder if any of my conclusions are right about those people. I guess we’ll never know, it was sure interesting though.


  1. I love the first one. Too cute! You are right, it is funny how by looking at random people closely you can identif their personality or where they are in life.

    What would I think of you if I saw you at the coffe place reading a book? Well, I'd think you were relaxing before you start your busy day or I may think you wanted some alone time for yourself. Just you. "Me,Myself and I" type. And you know every women needs their alone time once and awhile. Great post. Love it!

  2. I love your descriptions, i was always labeled at being able to "read a person's shoes", you know, same thing you were doing while sitting in a coffee shop? But anywho, I think the one "observation" that you made that I liked was the one where you were describing the old couple, it would be a little sad if they did just meet on an online dating site. (sigh).
    I'll agree with True Contemplations that if I saw you sitting alone in a coffee shop, I wouldn't think too badly of you. Of course, you can tell alot just by body language. If you were sitting, legs crossed, shoulders down, I'd know you were really relaxing and focusing on that book. Shoulders too high up, I'd know you were thinking of something else or thinking about the long busy workday ahead. =)
    All in all, your recent posts that I have been able to read since I joined have all be great! Keep it up!

  3. I do this allll the time when I'm grabbing coffee and pretending to read the paper :) Great storylines.

    Shawna's Study Abroad

  4. Thanks, you guys... :) That makes me feel all nice and fuzzy inside.