Monday, April 27, 2009

False Sense

Lenses, camera lenses are used to achieve different effects. I remember seeing a postcard of Seattle and thinking what a magical place it must be. First time I laid eyes on the city, I thought it didn't look as nice as it did on the postcard. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful place. The point is that the lenses made it look better.

Same thing with women and makeup. I have to admit that makeup enhances a face. However, I often wonder what those hot actresses/actors really look like without makeup.

Last but not least, body shapers. I was switching channels on TV when I came across "Slim and Lift". I would have bought one if I had plenty of money at the moment. So these regular women have their flabs and rolls hanging out and as soon as they slipped into one of those body shapers, they're instantly 3 dress sizes down.

So, I know the end result "looks" good but we all know that's not what it really is. So I'm kind of confused. It's like we are lying to ourselves. Turning the other way when we all know what the truth really is and we actually prefer it this way?

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