Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Corruption

I know this is a little late but I just now found the time to do it. I took my kids to their first Easter Egg Hunt. My daughter is 4 1/2 and my son is 22 months old. That's the problem with expectations, when they're not met, it bites. I had visions of kids grouped by age, happily looking around for eggs.

What happened next broke my heart a little especially when I saw my daughter's disappointed litte face. Someone announced "GO" and toddlers to teens (some even older) had a mad dash to find the eggs. My little guy had no clue what was happening around him so I guided him and pointed at the eggs to put in his basket. My mom was guiding my daughter. Needless to say, my kids barely got any eggs with all the huge kids competition. I also saw one of the moderators secretly handing a "golden egg" to one of the kids which I later found out was his grandson.

It probably wouldn't hit me as hard if I didn't see my daughter's sad face. It's hard to swallow when at an event such as this, you'll see what the world is really like. The people who follow rules and choose to be good are the ones who lose. I'm sure there are a billion ways to look at this situation but this is the one that made an impression on me. I know that the world is filled with corrupt people in power but I was really hoping it didn't start so early and was hoping to shield the children as long as possible.

It wouldn't be fair if I don't at least present one other way of looking at this. Ok, so my kids didn't get the most eggs which will be equal to money or any material prizes in the real world. What they did get is something more important. They learned what's it's like to lose, to deal with that unpleasant feeling, to realize that they have a family who loves them, who tried to make them feel better. Material possesions including money will come and go but values, intergrity, people who love you and lessons learned are ingrained in you forever. That will help them be better equipped to deal with the real world. Instilling good principles will make them better people and God knows we need more of that today.

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