Thursday, July 30, 2009

Train Wreck

One thing I don't like about summmer is being exposed to some shocking scenes. I'm talking about people running around in less clothing. Some people just don't really care about what others think about them and I can benefit from being more like that, no doubt. Sometimes though, I think that everyone should have a mirror in their house and they should make sure they look decent before they go outside. Adults can tolerate the scary visuals and may heal from the trauma without complications but the poor little ones may not. The poor innocent minds, they shouldn't have to see any of that in such an early age. Let's keep them innocent for a little while longer, shall we?

So while I was waiting for my bus this afternoon in 91 degrees temperature, a woman in her fiftees or sixtees walked passed me. I immediately zoomed in on her. Her green, form-fitting halter dress that stopped just below her crotch caught my attention and half her ass cheeks peeking through. She must have weighed 160 pounds or so with hair dyed red. She looks to be high on something and I'm pretty sure it wasn't life. She could have been on medication too but who knows. Maybe even drunk, it's anyone's guess. She went straight to the trash can and started digging. She got some stuff out and one by one laid them on the ground. She had to bend down to do this and the first time she did, her rear end was facing the other way, giving the people across the street a pretty good view. The next time she bent over, her butt was facing my direction. This is the train-wreck-moment. I should have looked away but I just had to see for myself. I know it wasn't going to be pretty but I had to know the truth. Was she or was she not wearing a thong underwear? As if in slow motion, she bends over and I see white, pale ass with hair in and around the crack and no, I repeat, no underwear! Aaaaagggghhhh! My eyes!


  1. OMG!! BAHAHAHAH!!! LMAO!! ROFL!! Im sorry for laughing but that i I were there, I would of busted out laughing!! WTF is wrong with people? no undies and hairy asses? its call shave got darn it!! I feel so bad for you that you had to experience that!! I wouldn't even wish that to the people I hate ( i don't hate anyone by the way)

    Its like seeing my granny with no panties, eww!!

  2. Ah, yeah! pretty much. Your granny on crack or something then going comando. Glutton for punishment I tell yah. I hope I don't have nightmares.