Monday, July 20, 2009

"They're Real if You Can Touch 'Em"

That's what my beloved husband says when asked if fake large boobs are better than the real ones. I'm sure a lot of guys would agree with his mentality. Now, I want to make sure that you understand that I don't have anything against you ladies who have decided to enhance the breasts that your momma gave you. It's your body and you can do whatever it is you feel you should. I can only hope that you're doing it for you and not for someone else.

The question was directed at me as well and here's my preference. *drum roll* I will always pick the real ones any day. I have real ones and even though they're not monstrous in size, I like them this way, au naturel. It wasn't my own breasts that helped me made the decision though, it was other women's, which I had the pleasure of sampling.

The very first lady I had the pleasure of experiencing was an A cup size. Honestly, there wasn't much for me to play with but that didn't keep me from having a really good time. The rest of her was nonetheless enticing. The next girl I remember playing with had about a 36 B cup size but the girls were surgically enhanced. At that time, I still didn't notice the difference. When I finally played with a woman with natural huge breasts, OMFG! This was what I was missing?! Fuck! You couldn't get my hands off those puppies if you tried. Wow! Those babies felt like butter melting in my hands as I fondle them gently at first. They moved like jello, obeying my hands' every command. Now, kissing and licking them was a whole new experience as well. My lips just sank in them with such a natural ease. The whole breast molded my mouth and the area around my full lips. That's when my light bulb-moment lit up. Natural tits are way better than silicon.


  1. you'd think by now they would've invented something that feels more natural than silicon. till then, nothing beats the feeling of real ones.

  2. I haven't felt any fake ones but I've seen someone go from a 10aa to a 10dd and I cringe everytime I see her. What an idiot.