Friday, October 16, 2009

Reading Epiphany

To my darling husband

A foreign concept, a mere idea
as distant as another world.
A belief aided partly by poverty,
and partly by ignorance.
The lack of aroused interest.

Shelves full of books,
mind filled with awe,
possibilities never ending.
You inspire me.

Caught a whiff of a glorious symphony,
felt the allure of a place beyond my own.
My tongue unearthed the voice of loss,
witnessed distress that rattled my core,
challenged my soul.

I am awakened,
awareness echoing off
the walls of my existence.


  1. You're really good a poetry. But what's inspiring you to write it?

  2. I'm going through a tough emotional time right now and writing is my way of coping. Poetry gives me the freedom to express my emotions without being too technical. I like how it's open to anyone's interpretation.