Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Crush on the Bus

About a couple years ago, a man who rides my bus caught my attention. He has deep blue eyes, nice pointy nose, kissable healthy looking lips, about 6'4" tall and wearing a wedding ring. Two years ago, I was different, I didn't swing. I know he's off limits and so was I so the admiration went on harmlessly.
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Time passed, bus routes changed and I never saw him again until about four months ago or so. He looks at me like someone would towards someone whom he recognizes. This time, I'm a swinger and know that our situation has changed. I looked at his hand to find the ring and to my surprise, it's no longer there. My heart skips a beat. Blood rushes to my head. I'm excited with all the possibilities but do I do anything about it? Yes, I dream.

He looks at me every time he hops on the bus and sits across me then reads his book. I pretend to read my book or fiddle with my IPhone but I'm really memorizing his face, imagining how his lips would feel on mine and on the sensitive parts of my body. I tingle all over just thinking of what could be. All he has to do is look me in the eye and I freeze.

He sits right next to me one day and I about died on my seat. His arms brushed mine and I jerked my arm away from him, involuntarily. He looks at me and mumbles, "I'm sorry" but I swear I just saw his mouth moved and the whole world stopped and then resumed in slow motion. What did the sex goddess in me do? Smile back like a goofball. I was so nervous that my smile showed just how painful it was for me to manage a smile. I wanted to hit myself right after I realized how unattractive and dorky I must have looked. Way to go sexy. And to think people usually compliment my smile. I let myself down.

As much of a horn dog as I am, I'm really shy when it comes to men or women who I find very attractive. I melt and they don't even have to say anything to me. I don't think I will ever gather the courage to talk to this guy. If he's even interested, I'm sure my wedding ring would stop him from doing anything. My friend said I should dump my drink on him or lick and suck on a straw or even wink at him. No way! I could never do any of those things unless I'm drunk. Now, if any of you have any suggestions how I can break the ice, I'd gladly consider.

I still wonder what it would be like to play with him. I've imagined a lot of naughty things I want to do to him and with him. If only.


  1. easy, get drunk and go on the bus! I'm almost sure he will be fine with you coming on to him haha.

  2. I understand! I get like that too! I guess you'd just have to start conversation, like what time is it, or what book are you reading. If you know what he's reading, you can say " that's my favorite book" and continue it with you fav chapter.

    Ahh! I don't even know why Im giving you advise. Im a big pussy when I really like someone...

  3. Well i would have to agree with rdgarnet. but this could really be dangerous as the unknown don't hurt, if this guy should shut you down it wont be good. but heh take the chance and star a conversation with him, especially about what he is reading thats pretty much easy he will talk the most as he is the one who will be telling you about the book, a girl did it once to me this is what she said" my friend was telling me about that book and i always wanted to read it, Do you find it interested" i was sold and the conversation started from there until i got to my stop on the train, i was nervous so i never asked her for her number. lol i guess i am lame.

  4. Restless Mind!

    I need to start riding that bus! Your commute sounds so much more exciting than mine!


  5. I got excited reading this post. Maybe it's the mysteriousness of the stranger. What's his story? Maybe it's his blue eyes. I bet it's his blue eyes. I don't know what's it with me and blue eyes. Anyway I don't have advice because I would not know what to do (yes, I'm useless in these types of situations - it's always them who talk to me first - if they don't it's their lost :P ) Do update if you do talk to him!