Friday, October 23, 2009


I hunger for what I want
like a lion eyeing it's prey.
Fueled by lust, by curiosity
by what can and what will be.
Waiting anxiously
like the dessert for the rain.
Longing ever constant,
thirsty for days.
Impatient to sink my teeth, my claws
into this delicious fantasy.
On the verge of an orgasm
but not quite reached the peak.
Hopeful that all the waiting
will satiate the long awaiting beast.


  1. "on the verge of an orgasm"....vivid.
    But beautiful.

  2. Love it!! I did not know you held this talent!! I need to apologize for not being present on you posts. I've been busy and going through some old drama. Damn it! it just finds me. Anyway. I promise I'll be more present. Love this! Keep writing!

  3. The long awaiting beast on my part is getting more fierce day by day to achieve my goal.

    loved it as it aggravated the fire in me..