Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Heart, My Youth

Once full of vibrance
Full of life
A reason to smile
To dream and to believe

Pricked by the painful needle of life
Too many times
Steadily and quickly
My heart, my youth slithers
Away from it's once beautiful
Once innocent home

Neither tape nor gauze
Can patch the damage

Trapped in a cage
Unable to move, unable to leave
Unable to change what's unfolding

Spectator of my own balloon
Deflating out of control
Until it's lost its meaning
Now reduced to only a distant memory


  1. very good! Just when I was in need of reading a good poem. But why so sad? youth only disappears so quickly if you let it.

  2. I'm sad at the moment so my writing reflects that. Glad you liked it though. :)