Saturday, May 30, 2009


I've been in Seattle for almost ten years now. Before I had children, my husband and I would go to the Philippines on our vacation every year. When I got pregnant with my son, we haven't been back since. I don think I will survive the 24 hours or so flight with two small children in towe. It's been four years I think.

Today is such a nice warm day for Seattle, high of 75 degrees. The kids and I were driving by a Pinoy Store. I immediately thought of the Ube (purple yam) ice cream that I misssed so much. I did a U-turn for the store almost instantly. Walking in the grocery store felt like going through the aiport itself. The atmosphere of the place felt like I was back in the Philippines. Then came the sensation of the extra warmth of a tiny place that had no air conditioning with the door open to this warm weather we're finally having. It had a strange temperature similarity with my home country. I was transported in an instant.

It was then when I realized how much I missed "home". Home in the loose sense of the word because Seattle has been my home for years now. I guess I'll forevere have a piece of my heart owned by my first home.

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