Friday, May 29, 2009

Men, Can't Live with Them, Can't Live without Them

As long as we're on the topic of boytoys, I might as well put my thoughts into writing about men. Not all men, just the men I find atractive and sexy. I call them "yumcicles". There are two types:

Men who are on the swinger site.
These men are fine... nice bodies, nice ass, mostly nice personalities. Some have really yummy faces, some not so much but who cares when they have a rocking body to compensate that with. :) Now, these men are horny--- all the time! That explains why they're on the site in the first place. If they agree to meet me, there's no fear for rejection. I know I'm in and in control. It will all then be up to me when I make myself available. There is however the ocassional scheduling problem but in general, they're good to go whenever I am. To sum it up, it's very easy for me. Not much leg work required.

The Non-Swinger Men
Now these men are the challenge. You never know what you're gonna get. Most of them are all talk but when push comes to shove, they go running to momma. I don't know what scares them more, the fact that I'm married or that I'm a swinger. How's that you say? Married scenario: My husband might not know so imagine the trouble they're getting themselves into. You hear about all the psycho significant others finding out about affairs. You can fill in the rest. Swinger scenario: They might be looking for a possible long term or temporary relationship. I doubt they had a swinger in mind for that. Most of them don't want to share. They might even be afraid of something that's completely new to them and they don't quite understand it. They could have a conservative view of how relationships should be and that it should be monogamous. Whatever the case may be, they run away... fast! In short, they're complicated.

Swinger men, they pursue me. The non-swinger type is the other way around. Once in a while, I give up on the latter type. Too much work! Then again, it's not as much fun if it's just handed down to me all the time. Now I understand how guys like "the chase".

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  1. LOL! I understand you. I love the chase but truly, sometimes, I get turned off when I make the catch.

    WOOOHOO to Swingers!! (not all of them of course ^_^)