Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Filled With Shame

A post by David filled me with shame. His friend is dying of breast cancer and she won't ever see her baby grow up. While here I am, so willing to give that opportunity up. Depressed or not, that made me feel horrible about myself. I've become people I hate. The kind of people who can have as many children as they want and they do but do not take care of them. Then you have people who would do anything to have a baby but can't. You know which group I belong to.

I honestly believed in my heart that my kids would be better off without me if the mother they'll get is depressed and messed up. I had no problem picturing them without a mother because I know my husband would be more than enough parent for them. He did tell me that he is only a good father with me around. I was willing to rob my children of their mother because of my selfish reason, because I'm too weak to handle my personal crisis. Hearing about another mother who would give anything I'm sure to be there for her baby puts me to indescribable shame.

I don't deserve my family, they're too good for me. But I've already wasted almost two weeks of my life feeling sorry for myself and trying to destroy myself so I think I'm going to do something different now. I'll try to be a better person for my family. They deserve nothing less.

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  1. You're a good mother and your kids need you! When you're feeling down, spend some time with them and let their innocence and kiddy happiness infect you. I want a baby so bad. I really can't wait to be a mother.