Monday, June 14, 2010

Ms. Hopeless Strikes Again

Here's another episode of me in all my hopeless glory. I was at the gym, later than usual, trying to just get it over with so I could go home and watch a movie when Mr. Perfect appeared underneath his hood. I couldn't see his face very well at first but I had my x-Ray vision on and I could see right through his clothes and oh my, what a view. Ok, he is a total eye candy with his well sculptured chest and butt. I'm sure the abs are no exception. *insert dreamy sigh here*

So what happened you wonder? I was mentally hitting myself on the head once more. My immediate reaction after drooling over him was total shyness and the urge to disappear. I moved away from him so that he was no longer in my line of sight to allow me to concentrate back on what I was there to do. Next thing I know, Mr. Perfect moved right across from me and glanced my way quite a bit. What did I do? Looked away and looked down and pretended he wasn't rocking my world just by looking hot. Maybe somehow I hoped that when I don't show interest, the guy would be challenged and would want to pursue me but then again I don't think it ever worked for me that way. What can I say...I'm hopeless. I moved again to be away from him and once again, he moved with me. It could be coincidence, I realize that but I could also have done something else other than running away. I could have smiled maybe when our eyes met but you know that's not possible when I think someone is hot. I just melt and my brain goes along with it. I got so uncomfortable that I finally left the building and kept mentally beating myself. Oh, what I would give to get a taste of that. YUM!


  1. hahaha!!! Gym can be fun sometimes!!! Why did you not talk to him, or allow him to talk to you!!!???

  2. :) You should have maintained eye contact, let your eyes linger for a while longer and see what happens!