Monday, September 14, 2009

First Charcoal Drawing

When I was in first grade, our math teacher gave us an assignment. We are to draw frogs jumping from one number to the other to illustrate multiplication. Why we needed to draw the stupid frogs was beyond me. I was in first grade for crying out loud. Why couldn't it have been hearts or stars or anything simpler than a frog. I am very competitive even back then. My classmate Edward S. has a talent for drawing. He had no problem making frog after frog and they look pretty close to the one on our math book. Everyone was asking him to draw frogs for them so I asked too. To my disappointment, he refused to draw me one, for God knows what reason. I cried and cried some more afraid I was going to score very low for not having a stupid frog on my sheet.

I came home that day determined to learn how to draw. I didn't stop until I finally made something that resembled a frog. I never stopped drawing until life's demands didn't leave me much time for it anymore.

I had forgotten about my love for drawing until I saw Dean's Nudes. It awoken a desire in me. It fanned the amber of my passion for creating. I had bought drawing materials a couple of months ago, not sure what I wanted to do with it. It's been collecting dust in some corner of my house.

I took it out the night hubby was out of town, after the kids have gone to bed. It was just me, the paper and the charcoal pencil and a picture for a model. I had no idea what I was gonna come up with. it's been so long, I was sure I was rusty. I started with very tense hands reflecting my current state. Gradually, my hand relaxed and so did my lines. This is the very first time I've used charcoal and had no idea how to work with it. I didn't think I could erase it so what you see is my drawing in it's original form. No backsies. When I started drawing the line along the spine, I thought I had messed it up royally because it came out very harsh and heavy. I tried to erase it with my fingers and that's how I found my technique for blending the charcoal. It's still pretty much a hit and miss tactic but I didn't quit. I just kept going until I was satisfied with it.

I later read about charcoal and learned that I can use an eraser and it should do wonders to my next attempt. Thanks for the inspiration Dean! :)

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