Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Plain Evening Turns Extraordinary

Photo of statue titled "The KissImage via WikipediaWe met in August under very unexpected, unplanned circumstances. I was also strongly considering quitting the swinging lifestyle for good after having my heart broken over and over again. I began to grow tired of the search for the right man. I did not want just empty sex anymore, I wanted depth. I have been looking for this man for a while now but didn't know that I was going to find him that night. Nothing was special about the night. In fact I was on my way to meet someone else I haven't seen in a while and been planning to see for weeks.
I first laid eyes on his profile in a non-swinger dating site that was recommended by a friend. He wrote me first but I told him it was too bad I can't provide what he needs because his profile said he wanted to be in a long term relationship. He was quick to reply, "I may be looking for LTR but I still have needs." I like an honest guy. Big grin He hasn't stopped asking to meet me in person since.

Our schedules were always so hard to sync and finally that one night, the boy toy I was going to see had to push back our meeting time and I was all ready with nowhere to go so I asked if the new guy was free. Long story short, he had his son with him that week (he's divorced) so he couldn't leave his place on a short notice. I was welcome to come over and say hi he said as long as we're quiet so we don't wake his son up. The living room was right next to his son's room so we had to talk in his room. Very sneaky right? I was having second thoughts and felt so stupid for doing something so risky. I normally would meet these guys in public for obvious reasons. I thought he couldn't possibly try anything stupid because his son was there. His "son" could have been made up for all I know and yet I took the bait. I guess when it's right, it just happens. He was a perfect gentleman considering I was in his bedroom and even though he knows I was about to meet someone and have sex. He kept his distance and was very polite. As I was getting more comfortable, he started flirting with me but still waiting for my green light.

I finally let him kiss me and the rest was history. The guy I was going to meet that night didn't have condoms with him and wanted me to pick some up on my way to him. It was late for crying out loud. So, that was his last chance. Our lips met and he passed the kissing test. He was gentle and yet in control. He was on top of me and his leg applied well thought out pressure on my now quickly heating area between my legs. He hit just the right spot, made me want him more and soon. Oh, he's good! I unzipped his pants and there it was, the most handsome cock I've ever seen and yes, huge! Now, you wonder, does he have the skills to go with the size or is he one of those guys who feel they don't have to exert much effort because size will take care of it? Well, I'm glad to announce, he has skills too. This was turning out to be a special night. To be continued...

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